Holt & Hetzel – Educational Consulting Group



We shepherd students for the long term, creating a path for success today and for their bright futures.

As families face an admissions process involving an increasingly complex array of options, having guides who know it from the inside is ever more critical. Bill Dennett, Gayle Holt, and Brian Hetzel bring 30+ years combined experience serving families to ensure “goodness of fit” between institutions and individuals.

Based in West Hartford, we have helped hundreds of students & families across the globe. Our full service personal counseling supports all facets of academic search and application to the letter of the law, but goes well beyond the particulars of the operative process to support our overarching goal for your student: goodness of fit to support a lifetime of success.

College Placement

Constructing best fit college lists, appropriately assisting with applications, coordinating visits and interviews, and monitoring beyond matriculation.

Private School Admission

Expanding the menu of choices and identifying educational options that will allow your student to thrive.

Internships and Study Abroad

Tapping into opportunities and preparing students to broaden their experiences

Strategic Planning

Leveraging best practices distilled from peer institutions to assess existing structures; inform planning, and assist in targeted programmatic considerations.


As an example, our college placement service would include the following:

  • Parent student interview
  • Post inquiry assessment and evaluation.
  • Construction of an active college list. An “active list” is shepherded, weeded and repurposed as necessary from inquiry to completion of application.
  • Application preparation allowing student assistance with the procurement of recommendations, essay writing, editing and submission of documents necessary to completion and submission of the application.

We coordinate all visits and interviews and in some cases accompany students by request. Our full service personal college placement counseling supports all facets of the college search and application process to the letter of the law, but serves exponentially beyond the granular pieces of the operative process to support our overarching mission…goodness of fit. Once a student matriculates,  we actively stay in touch with him/her to monitor their transition and academic success throughout the first year.