Holt & Hetzel – Educational Consulting Group


Robin and I can’t thank you enough for helping us and our son Max with his journey through the boarding school admissions process. Your recommendations and insight regarding each school were spot-on! The time you spent preparing Max for his personal interview was invaluable. Your follow up with each admissions director and immediate feedback to us was extremely helpful.

As you know, Max was accepted to five of the seven schools he applied to and was waitlisted on the other two. This was Just as you had predicted.

The Kent School will be adding a terrific, inquisitive and bright young man to their class of 2019 and I will be losing my fishing partner. We are so excited for Max and his upcoming academic journey.   We could not have done it without your undivided attention.

—Stephen and Robin, parents 


“The right path for every child is incredibly individual, and as a parent, the big distinctions can be overwhelmed by the nuances.  Having you as a partner was like having a Sherpa while climbing Everest.  We had a goal, but we needed expert guidance, a detailed plan, and support every step of the way.  Brian helped us think through every eventuality and eventually reach the summit.  I can’t imagine the process without such great partners. The process of helping your child navigate their choices is incredibly complex, and the amount of information and unique decisions can be totally overwhelming.  Brian [D, H &H] really took the time to get to know our daughter, her strengths and unique attributes, and narrowed our focus to the schools and choices that were the best fit for her, and helped her reach her goals.  The one piece of advice I would give other parents?  Pick a great partner.  It will relieve your stress and out the joy and celebration back in the journey.”
—Noēl, parent
“It really has been a great year for my family. Everything related to this school applying process was done after I handed in my final infos to Middlesex. It was a school that I couldn’t think of joining before March 10th because I didn’t believe that I was good enough. I wouldn’t be given this opportunity to explore the  world with the help from Middlesex if I didn’t have you as my family’s leader and mentor in the past few months.
Once again, it was a true honor to have you as my hired gun. There were many great kids out there, but you chose to spent your own time helping me getting into schools. I knew most other students couldn’t have you as a companion who comforted and made them feel secured when they were in the admission offices. Every time after my family’s interview, you would stay by yourself to talk to the officer to strengthen and improve his impression about me and my parents. With you standing along with me, the relationship between my interviewer and me changes dramatically. It could develop into a process of merely talking to each other for getting into the school, however you made it more interesting and less intense. I still remember how we talked together after my interview in the Governor’s Academy.
Maybe without your help, I would be in a school that I adored mostly for its reputation. I really think Middlesex would help me improve and have a successful life, After attending the revisit day, my decision of joining Middlesex was confirmed because I saw how everyone was tied together like a really family in that community. As I said before, I couldn’t even dream about that school had I not acquire assistance from you.
I really don’t know in what way I should express my appreciation. I have a friend in my current school that didn’t get accepted by any school that he applied to. I might be like him, but I had you in my team. So, thank you very very much!!! Hope you have a great summer!
-Adam, student